SuperCamp at Green School Bali will help your son or daughter improve their grades while building their confidence, motivation and the drive to break through barriers that can hold them back in life. All within the beautiful setting of the Green School, Bali.

SuperCamp improves grades

SuperCamp’s expert Facilitators will be flying in from the U.S. and around the world. Students will be attending from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and across Asia.

What makes Supercamp such a unique experience?

Supercamp at Green School pioneers a camp that integrates SuperCamp’s proven formula with the Green School’s unique environment and culture. The students will stay together on campus and there will be hands-on activities and adventures that bring out the best lessons that can be learned from nature. From seasoned SuperCamp participants to first-time visitors, this will be a summer camp of a lifetime.

Supercamp’s facilitators go through over 300 hours of extensive training in Quantum Learning methodologies and the 290 specialized learning techniques that lead to the outstanding results we get for your child.

With a 1:4 staff to student ratio and every minute of every day carefully orchestrated, your son or daughter with get a full 63 hours of engaging academic and life skills training over the week.

√  Raise Grades

√  Develop Powerful Academic Skills

√  Make Math Easier

√  Study Smarter

√  Enhance Writing Skills

√  Take Meaningful Notes

√  Accelerate Memorization Speed

√  Read More Efficiently and Effectively

√  Improve Test Results

√  Improve Social Skills

√  Build Self-Confidence

√  Boost Self-Esteem

√  Communicate More Effectively

√  Resolve Differences Quicker

√  Intensify Focus

√  Create Positive Lasting Relationships

√  Enhance Character

√  Increase Motivation

The SuperCamp and Green School have partnered to enhance the proven SuperCamp results with a focus on sustainable leadership and a connection to nature.

SuperCamp is the acknowledged leader in helping students thrive. Our success has been recognized in media such as:

84% of participants increase their self-esteem, and 73% raise their grades after the camp.

How? Because after 30 years of development, Supercamp’s state-of-the-art Quantum Learning System delivers the very best in Life and Learning Skills.


⇒ 8 Keys of Excellence
Your “code” for personal excellence and accountability. Learn how to build a positive space for learning and living.

⇒ Communication and Relationships
Learn new tools to communicate clearly, and resolve conflicts with family and friends.

⇒ Leadership
Learn leadership techniques to apply in school situations, sports, clubs and life

⇒ Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving
Learn creative 21st-century skills thinking skills and the steps to solving problems.

⇒ Breaking Through Personal Barriers
Bust out of self-imposed limitations and fears through fun outdoor adventures.

⇒ Motivation and Goal-Setting
How to harness your passion and power to make an impact in their world.


⇒ Quantum Study Strategies
Meet deadlines and improve test results with your personal learning style, new test-taking skills and study skills.

⇒ Math Mastery
Learn strategies to make maths more natural and your grades will follow.

⇒ Quantum Reading
Read fast, comprehend more, move on with powerful new reading methods.
Quantum Writing Plan, write, polish. Overcome writer’s block with less stress, and better results.

⇒ Quantum Note-Taking/Mind Mapping®
Make notes that work best for your brain, for class, assignments, and presentations.

⇒ Quantum Memory
Remember anything, anytime. Learn powerful ways to store and recall.

For seven fun, inspirational days, your child will be joining young leaders from all over the world for the camp of a lifetime, learning the world’s best accelerated learning skills while building the values of a Global, Green Citizen.

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